Mx5 Turbo Kit. ‘The Lock, Stock And Barrel Kit’


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This Mazda MX5 (1989-2005) turbo kit is one of a kind! It contains absolutely EVERY SINGLE component required to carry out the conversion. Literally every single last nut, bolt, hose, clamp etc that you will need. EVERYTHING! Lock, stock and barrel. You will not need to buy anything else. To source EVERY component required is an achievement in itself with parts coming from over 30 different suppliers.

With sufficient mechanical skills and tools, this kit could be fitted over a weekend. Imagine that, a couple of days of enjoyable spannering and you will have a car ready to take to the tuners to safely unleash its full potential.

This kit will easily and safely produce upwards of 180 wheel horsepower and similar torque. For more than that a boost control solenoid is required. (not included)

We at Black Cat Motorsport have converted and driven many turbo Mx5’s and can assure you without doubt that it gives the more smiles per mile than anything else anywhere near this price range.

Even though the price of this kit is a steal, we have still used the best components available. At the heart of this kit is an OEM TD04 turbo charger from a Subaru Imprezza, G19 manifold/downpipe, and ME221 ECU (with the option to upgrade to the ME442. Please follow this link for more details of the ME442. ). The injectors are genuine Bosch 550cc EV14 which are far superior to the outdated/fake yellow Rx8 injectors that are found on Ebay.

This kit contains the following…..

1 x Td04 turbo     

1 turbo manifold    

1 x downpipe         

1 x ME221 ecu or optional upgrade to a ME442.                   

4 x spark plugs      

1 x air filter           

1 x jubilee clip for air filter     

1 x 150mm long 3mm silicon hose for turbo actuator.              

1 x Oil feed line for turbo                                           

1 x banjo and bolt for turbo oil feed                          

2 x water banjos and bolts                                        

1 x td04 inlet gasket                                                  

1 x td04 outlet gasket                                               

1 x block fitting adaptor                            

1 x 90 degree adaptor for rear of cylinder head       

1 x wastegate bracket                                              

1 x oil return hose                                                    

2 x hose clamps for oil return hose                         

1 x sump fitting                                                        

1 x drill                                                                     

1 x tap                                                                     

1 x water hose                                                        

4 x hose clamps for water                                       

3 x studs                                                                 

2 x bolts                                                                 

3 x m10 x 1.25mm nuts                                         

5 x m10 x 1.5mm nuts                                           

8 x m10 tab washers                                                      

1 x Intercooler.                                                           

2 x M8 Stud Bar.                                                                

4 x M8 Nuts                                                                

4 x M8 Penny Washers                                               

1 x 90 Degree Silicone Reducer 45mm-51mm           

1 x 90 Degree Silicone Reducer 51mm-63mm 

2 x 90 Degree Silicone Hose 51mm-51mm                 

6 x Straight Silicone Joiners 51mm                             

2 x 90 Degree Aluminium Pipes 51mm                     

2 x 45 Degree Aluminium Pipes 51mm                      

2 x 180 Degree Aluminium Pipes 51mm                    

2 x Straight Aluminium Pipes 51mm            

16 x Hose Clamps for 51mm Silicon Hoses               

2 x Straight Reducers 63mm-51mm                           

3 x Hose Clamps For 63mm Silicon Hoses                 

1 x 135mm straight pipe 51mm with boss welded on      

1 x IAT sensor 

1 x pig tail for IAT sensor                                         

1 x silicone blank                                                           

1 x 250mm flexi hose 19mm ID for idle valve                             

3 x 25mm hose clamp for 19mm idle hose 

Fuel injectors set comprising of..

4 x Bosch 550cc injectors                                            

4 plug adaptors                                                            

4 x lower seals                                                             

4 x top hat adaptors                                                      

Fuel rail spacers- various

1 x Egr valve blanking plate

1 x cylinder head to exhaust gasket 

Full fitting instructions.

We aim to keep all the items of this kit in stock but due to current supply chain issues please email us before you place your order.

Additional information

Engine size

1.6L, 1.8L


1989-1995, 1996-1998, 1999-2000, 2001-2005

ME442 Upgrade

Yes, No

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