K Swap Wiring Loom Adapter




This harness/loom adapter will allow the legendary Honda K20 engine to be wired in to the Mx5/kit car (or any chassis for that matter).

The other items required to use this loom adapter are the OEM engine harness and charge harness.

With this harness you will be able to get the engine running by just wiring up the following.
– Constant power and switched ignition power.
– Charge harness
– Fuel pump
– Starter

It also comes with wires to activate the following-

– MIL warning light, Oil pressure warning light, Alternator warning light, Brake switch (for launch control or other function),  RPM output, Speed output, Fan control 

To help make life easier, this adapter also comes with comprehensive installation instructions.

Please note:
-This conversion harness has been designed and tested for original Honda PRA Civic EP3 ECU, using Civic ep3 engine harness, K20A2 engine and Honda original lambda sensors, (primary and secondary).
-Works with original ECU, Hondata, ProECU-K other equivalent plug n play ECU-Will start your engine with original Honda k-series ECU’s with immobilizer delete – error for secondary lambda, eld and multiplexor can occur.

One drawback of choosing to run a stock ECU is that an immobiliser bypass will be required. We recommend KIMMO immobilizer bypass module to solve this problem.

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