Dyno/Rolling Road Tuning


To achieve the maximum potential from any vehicle it will need to be tuned correctly. We are able to offer rolling road dyno tuning to achieve this whether it’s a factory ecu on your daily car or a standalone ecu such as an ME221 or Megasquirt on your track car or project.

For standalone ecu tuning we like to keep the car for about a week which allows us to spend time on the finer details such as cold start and warm up enrichment tables.



If you love your daily car but wish that it performed better then a remap is the answer. Recalibration of the cars ecu will increase BHP, torque, fuel economy, drivability and throttle response. This is carried out using state of the art equipment and is fully health checked before and after the work has been carried out. Prices vary depending on model but start from £225.

Warning. Never be tempted to seek out the cheapest tuner. You will be risking a big bill if your ecu/engine is damaged due to incompetence.


Mapping costs £300 for a standalone ME221 or Megasquirt ECU.

Remapping of a standard ecu starts at £225.

Dyno power runs costs £45 but discounts are available for groups of over 5.

Our dyno is available for tuners to rent to carry out private work. This service is £45 per hour.