DPF Solutions

A blocked DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) can be the cause of many symptoms of a diesel engine not running correctly. We have specialist equipment that is able to clean any blocked filter back to 99% of the efficiency of when it was new. This service is £200 (not including labour to remove and refit the filter from your car). Most DPF filters cost upwards of £1000 for a new item so this method saves a considerable amount of money.

Cleaning the filter is one element of the repair but unless the actual reason of what caused the filter to block in the first place is found, then it will eventually block again. We have some very specialist equipment to help source the route cause of the issue and successfully diagnose and cure more faults than any other local garage. (local garages use us to solve their customers cars’ faults).

For us to remove, clean and refit a DPF at our workshop in Chichester is usually around £450.

To diagnose and repair the fault is charged at £45 per hour plus parts.