Black Cat Motorsport is the UK’s leading supplier of high quality tuning components for the Mazda Mx5 as well as a high quality custom exhaust fabrication company. For custom exhausts click here…  http://www.blackcatmotorsport.co.uk/shop/bespoke-exhaust-systems/

We offer the components required to carry out your very own turbo conversion. This will allow the car to achieve well over 200 bhp reliably, and figures of over 300 bhp are not uncommon using this kit. (Some supporting mods are required over 250 bhp).

At the heart of the turbo conversion is the turbo manifold. We now choose to supply the Kraken and G19 kits as they are proving themselves to be extremely robust and reliable which is why they remain to be the most popular choices of manifold and downpipe for the Mx5.

If you’re looking for a daily adrenaline buzz then look no further. Visit our webshop to find the right parts for you.